WS Abutments

The WS line of implants has an exclusive portfolio of prosthetic options that have been designed for optimal system performance.

WS Abutment

Recommended for single prosthesis screw-retained in posterior regions with minimum interocclusal space of 5.0mm from mucous level.

WS Universal Abutment

Recommneded for cemented prosthesis of WS implants. Available in a variety of sizes and heights.

WS Mini Conical Abutment

Recommneded for multiple screw-retained prosthesis with minimum interocclusal space of 4.4 mm from mucous level.

WS Implant Analog

This titanium replica of the prosthetic component aids in prosthesis construction or prosthetic planning.

WS Implant Impression Coping

These Titanium components are recommended for cement-retained prosthesis using a closed tray technique.