black sea week


Black Sea Week 2013


Riviera Beach Hotel
Golden Sands Resort
Varna, Bulgaria
16-21 September 2013


L a n g u a g e : E N G L I S H



Bruno Schmid,
Dr. Med. Dent.

ITI Fellow,
Vice-President of Swiss Implant Association
President of Swiss Section of ITI

Associate Professor

ITI Fellow,
President of Bulgarian Association
for Oral Implantology
Head of Department of Periodontology
and Dental Implantology,
Medical University - Varna

Bozhidar Yordanov
Associate Professor

Vice Dean of the Faculty of Dental
Medicine - Sofia, ITI Member,
Vice President of Bulgarian Association
for Oral Implantology

David Dias

Training & Education Institut Straumann

Tihomir Georgiev
Associate Professor

ITI Fellow,
Member of Board of Bulgarian
Association for Oral Implantology



Day 1
16 Sept 2013

 Beginning of the program: 15.00 h
 Introduction to Implant Dentistry
 Implant types and implant terminology.
 Bone-to-implant Interface.
 Biological Width.
 SOCIAL EVENT: Welcome dinner

Day 2
17 Sept 2013

 Indications and contraindications
 for implant treatment.
 Planning of implant treatment.
 Patient evaluation.
 SAC Classification. SAC
 Assessment tool.
 Treatment planning - groups hands-on.
 Patient preparation for implant treatment.
 Implant surgery. Incisions and sutures.
 Hands-on: incisions and sutures on models.


Day 3
18 Sept 2013

 Straumann Implant Dental System.
 Institut Sraumann - Introduction.
 Implant lines. Bone Level implants - concept and core benefits.
 Implant placement protocol for Straumann implants.
 Hands-on: placement of BL and TL implants in artificial mandible with gingiva.
 Perioperative complications.
 3D positioning of implant placement.
 Bone augmentation in implant dentistry.
 Guided bone regeneration.
 BoneCeramic and MembraGel.


Day 4
19 Sept 2013

 Implant placement in postextraction sites. Placement types according to ITI.
 Immediate and early placement.
 Hands-on: Early implant placement in esthetic zone with simultaneous GBR with Bone Ceramic and MembraGel -plastic models
 Implant placement in subanthral bone.
 Sinus floor elevation.
 Hands-on: Sinus floor elevation with lateral approach on plastic models.
 Complex implant surgery:
 Bone block grafting. Ridge split and bone expansion. Bone condensation. Transpositioning of lower mandibular nerve.


Day 5
20 Sept 2013

 Implant prosthetics.
 Hands-on: Impression taking - BL and TL implants.
 Bone level prosthetics.
 Hands-on: Planning set and hands-on with prosthetic box.
 Live surgery


Day 6
21 Sept 2013

 Prosthetic Driven approach in Implant dentistry.
 Esthetic risk assessment.
 Soft tissue management. Treatment of cases with high esthetic risk. Biological complications. Treatment.
 Closing the event. End of the program: 14.00h


Registration – 1265 Euro (VAT not included)

Fee includes University Certificate for Participation.
Fee includes also course matrials, lunches, coffee breaks, social events.
Participation fee does not include transport and accommodation fees.


For more information and registration:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
+359 2 9533557, +359 878 108 346